Laboratory of Ecophysiology and Toxicology of Cyanobacteria


    The research activities in developing LETC are: studies on the occurrence of toxic cyanobacteria in aquatic ecosystems Brazilian influence of environmental factors on growth and toxin production by cyanobacteria, isolation of toxigenic strains, extraction, purification and quantification of toxins produced, processes bioaccumulation of these toxins by aquatic biota and consequences for public health.

     The laboratory has implemented this line of research in the country in 1987 and these activities have allowed the formation of 5 doctors, 9 masters, PhD 6 tests and 1 master thesis are ongoing and 3 post-doctoral students are developing their work in the lab. More than 50 papers were presented at national and international conferences, 30 scientific papers were published in refereed journals and 2 international and 3 national awards were received by the activities.


Sandra Maria Feliciano de Oliveira e Azevedo - Head of the Laboratory
Valéria Freitas Magalhães
Raquel Moraes Soares

PhD students

Carolina Tolomini Miranda
Roberta Fernandes Pinto

Iamê Alves Guedes

Master students

Adriana Carvalho Natal de Moraes

Fernanda Oliveira Caires

Undergraduate students

Cesar Macelo Lima Filho
Daniel Vinícius Neves de Lima
Lorena dos Santos Santiago
Thábata Moreira Ribeiro da Silva


Ricardo Frederico Guedes de Souza

Roberta Guedes de Souza

Environmental Biophysics